Name: Oscar
Status: Available
Breed: Marmoset Monkey
Sex: Female
Age: 14 weeks old
Vaccinations: Up to Date
Registration Papers
Health guarantee
–More Pics upon request–


Oscar, our 14-week-old male Marmoset monkey, is a radiant burst of joy in our lives. His tiny frame is a canvas painted with enchanting shades of fur, from the softest creams to the deepest browns, each hair a testament to his exquisite beauty. His eyes, like sparkling obsidian gemstones, gleam with curiosity and innocence, reflecting a world of wonder within. Oscar’s playful antics are a daily symphony of delight, his agile limbs darting through the air as he explores his surroundings with boundless energy.

His endearing chatter, a blend of chirps and coos, is a sweet melody that fills our hearts with warmth. Oscar’s expressive face reveals a spectrum of emotions, from mischievous glee to tender affection, forging an unbreakable connection with us. In his presence, time slows, and every moment becomes a treasured memory. Oscar, our beloved Marmoset, embodies the purest essence of nature’s artistry and the boundless magic of life.


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