Name: Lucy
Status: Available
Breed: Capuchin Monkey
Sex: Female
Age: 16 weeks old
Vaccinations: Up to Date
Registration Papers
Health guarantee
–More Pics upon request–




Lucy, our enchanting 16-week-old female capuchin monkey, is a living masterpiece of nature’s whimsy. With wide, curious eyes that radiate youthful wonder, she effortlessly steals hearts with her playful antics. Her fur, a harmonious blend of creamy whites and caramel browns, is soft to the touch, inviting tender caresses. Lucy’s petite frame and dainty fingers imbue her with an innate grace, as she gracefully navigates her surroundings with an innate sense of curiosity.

Her laughter, a tinkling melody, fills the air as she frolics and explores, reminding us of the sheer joy in the simple pleasures of life. Lucy’s endearing nature fosters an instant connection, making her a cherished addition to our world. In her, we glimpse the untamed spirit of the wild, harmoniously merged with an irresistible charm, rendering her a symbol of innocence and beauty.


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